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Sounds of Spanish

Sounds of Spanish
Sounds of Spanish

English speakers already know and use the basic Spanish sounds.

Of course, English speakers use these sounds with a different frequency, and the sounds are often spelled differently.

The sounds of Spanish can be classified as:

  • Stable Vowels
  • Consistent Consonants
  • Changing Consonants – Different Sounds
  • Shortened Consonants – Same Sound
  • Nasal Sounds
  • Rolled Sounds
  • Diphthongs
  • Lengthened Sounds – Same Sound
  • Slurred Sounds – Blended Sounds

Spanish vowel sounds also undergo “Emphasis Changes.”

This emphasis is included in just about every word, and is identified by either an “Accent Mark,” or “not.”

Spanish words contain emphasized vowel sounds, even if the “Accent Mark” isn’t written.

Spanish spelling is more uniform than English. But, although you can speak the words on a printed page with high accuracy, you might not be able to guess the spelling of many Spanish words if you only hear them spoken. This is where a “reverse” knowledge of all the pronunciation rules comes in handy.